digital credential wallets

Leveraging Digital Innovation within Healthcare

The healthcare industry is one that has gone through a lot of changes in the past few years. While technology has always played a big role in the way providers offer care to patients, it is even more of a driving force today.

Video Visits

There was a time when the idea of a patient scheduling a video visit was absurd. Unless the patient was physically incapable of making the appointment, it was not even considered. Now it has become commonplace, as providers adapt to the modern reality.

digital credential wallets

Patients who do not need to be seen in person are seen digitally. They can have their appointment through video conferencing, over the phone, or even through messages on the digital interface.

Digital Records

Providers have long resisted going digital with their records. There may still be some doctors who have paper records of their patients. But most have realized that going digital is the way forward. It allows you a lot more flexibility and ease of access.

When you have to pull up information on a patient, you can do so easily. It takes a few clicks and you have access to their entire record so that you can cross reference it in the context of your current appointment with that patient.


The credentials that your staff has to maintain are also a lot easier to manage now that you have digital credential wallets. Everything is done online and your staff only has to enter their ID and password and they can see what they are allowed to access or perform.

In an era when patients are more selective than ever about who they pick as their doctor, it is vital to give the very best service. It is now possible through digital innovation, which many doctors and hospitals have embraced in the past few years.